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Some highly publicized cases:
Kirchner v Warburton
Schmidt v DeBoer
He v Baker
Baby Peri (present)
Baby Emma (present)
Baby Vanessa (present)
Vaugh v. Wyrembeck v. Vaughn (present)

The shameful secrecy of the adoption system (UK SWers & SS)

Straight from the horses mouth, as it were...

Can adoptive parents legally cut off communication entirely in a SEMI-OPEN adoption?

My husband and I are thinking of adopting a baby. The birth parents want a semi-open adoption, which we are willing to do. We agreed to send pictures and updates twice per year, and the birth parents are free to send us whatever communication they'd like. They do not know our full names, our state of residence, etc.

My question is, if at some point down the road, we no longer want to keep the adoption semi-open and want to make it a closed adoption, can we do that or can the birth parents then sue us for breach of contract?
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Help bring Peri home
My name is Carla Moquin. I am raising two daughters, Alpha (7 years) and Echo (4 years). My and my now-ex-husband's middle daughter, Peri, was placed at birth into what was planned to be an extensively open adoption. Unfortunately, that is far from what the situation turned out to be. This is our family's story. (A two-page summary of the basics can be downloaded here.)


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