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Asked by Pip @ http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20121101075109AAmPXkq

I have just read this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2220767/X-Factor-USA-contestant-David-Correy-finds-birth-mother-show.html and read the comments. This comment made me shake my head in disgust as the person obviously doesn't get it that adoptees do want to know where they come from and it's no reflection on their relationship with their adoptive parents:
I don't know why people just cannot appreciate the parent's who have raised them. What about his adoptive parents. Why is he running behind this woman like some lost dog when he already has two parents? This is why I will never adopt a child...they are so ungrateful and are just a waste of money.
My answer:
I think it's brilliant 'cause it highlights EXACTLY what we've been trying to tell people for years - that the ADOPTEE doesn't matter, and neither do our genealogical families ('cause reunion's not JUST about our mom).

It demonstrates exactly what people think of us.
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As asked by Niamh @ http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110122103818AAWnO37
Birth mothers changing there minds?
Just out of curiosity does any one know of or is a birth mother who has gone through the adoption process or even a surrogacy plan and then gone on to change there minds before signing the baby over?
how did things turn out?
how where the adoptive parents?
and most importantly how are the children now?
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Some highly publicized cases:
Kirchner v Warburton
Schmidt v DeBoer
He v Baker
Baby Peri (present)
Baby Emma (present)
Baby Vanessa (present)
Vaugh v. Wyrembeck v. Vaughn (present)

The shameful secrecy of the adoption system (UK SWers & SS)

Straight from the horses mouth, as it were...

Can adoptive parents legally cut off communication entirely in a SEMI-OPEN adoption?

My husband and I are thinking of adopting a baby. The birth parents want a semi-open adoption, which we are willing to do. We agreed to send pictures and updates twice per year, and the birth parents are free to send us whatever communication they'd like. They do not know our full names, our state of residence, etc.

My question is, if at some point down the road, we no longer want to keep the adoption semi-open and want to make it a closed adoption, can we do that or can the birth parents then sue us for breach of contract?
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Need a case study On Adoption?
I am doing a research paper for a class and need a case study on Adoption. I have had alot of trouble finding one. If anyone has one or knows a good website let me know please.


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